Sades SA-901C!

headset-mic-downIf you read my reviews a fair bit you probably remember I have previously reviewed the Sades SA-810 WCG Headphones. I liked them so much that when I looked for an upgrade I got myself the SA-901C in red.

Where the SA-810 had for separate padded cushions on the headsupport the SA-901 has but one, split into three sections (I can’t tell any difference in the comfort here). The ear muffs are still designed to block out as much background noise as they can and they do it really well. Right now I have music playing and the volume is below 20% while the tv is on for my family at 45% and I can only hear the television between songs while it is silent. The muffs are slightly smaller than I would like (I have my ears stretched to 12mm and my ears don’t fully fit inside the muffs. I reckon if I took out my Deadpool and Captain America plugs  could fold my lobes into the headphones but that would be uncomfortable after a while.

I haven’t legitimately used the mic yet, I have done a couple of test runs with it but that was just recording myself and playing it back and I have to say the audio is recorded perfectly, it picks up a little background noise from other people if you get close enough to them but if you are gaming in your computer room/bedroom/secret crawl space or wherever you want, you should be fine. Edit: I have caught my beard in the mic a few times while closing it and it does pinch a little bit.


The Sades SA-901c are USB headphones over using the aux cord so they can power both the mic and the headphones without needing to use two cables like the 810 or many other headsets. The headphones are plug and play (you don’t need to install software to make them work) and they were recognised and working within ten seconds of me plugging them in. The cable holding it all together is braided string which is about three metres long (plenty of space to go the other side of your room to grab your litre bottle of Mountain Dew (the unofficial fuel for nerds))

Spec Corner

Driver Diameter: Φ40mm

Frequency Range: 20Hz-20KHz

Sensitivity: 111dB+3dB

Impedance: 32Ω

Distortion: ≤2.5% THD

Max Power: 50mW

Mic Diameter: Φ6.0×5.0mm

Sensitivity: -54dB+3dB

Directivity: Omnidirectional

Mic impedance: ≤2.2KΩ

7.1 Virtual Sound Channels: 7.1 Virtual Speaker Shifter

Plug Type: USB

Cable length: Appr. 3.0m

If you didn’t understand that, don’t worry. Here is a picture of a random cute santa baby picked by my sister: santa-baby

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