Nerf Strongarm!

If we take a gander at Nerf’s section on the Hasbro website we’ll find the following snippet regarding the Nerf Strongarm: “Speed and mobility are yours with the quick draws and fast firing of the STRONGARM blaster! It has the same long-range power as other N-STRIKE Elite blasters (sold separately), and it rapid-fires 6 darts when you pump the Slam Fire slide repeatedly while holding the trigger. Loading is easy and quick with the flip-open rotating barrel, and its Tactical Rail is compatible with most N-STRIKE accessories (sold separately). Add the STRONGARM blaster to your arsenal and unleash a storm of darts at your target!”

Strongarm releaseWith a six dart cylinder that swings out like a revolver the Strongarm has a different way to load the gun in comparison to the majority of other Nerf guns that use a mag. To swing out the cylinder you need to press the button right next to it then you can just flick it out for extra tactical points, or you can just push it out. Whatever you want really. Holding just six darts you will need to reload a fair bit so you get plenty of time to practice your perfect open.

You can fire the Strongarm as the standard single shot. Cock it, fire it, cock it, fire it etc. Or you can just hold down the trigger and keep slamming back the slide (this is called Slam Fire). Quick Draw is where you walk around with the trigger in and slam the slide back to get a single quick shot off. Suppressing Fire is cocking the gun and firing but not releasing the trigger and slamming the slide back again to get two rounds off really quickly. I don’t understand how you would duel wield this gun but apparently it is done.

Fire type

There are a lot of attachments that can be put onto the Strongarm via the tactical rail like sights, laser guides, I believe you can even get a lil shield to try to block the incoming darts. I’m not a fan of putting accessories on such a small gun as the point is to easily store, equip and use. Adding to the size of the gun can hinder that. When it comes to the Stryfe or other high-powered guns go wild, I love adding to the guns and making it match my requirements.

Overall thoughts of the Strongarm. As it was the first Nerf gun I ever owned I kinda base other guns on it so I have to look at this gun with an open mind to accept not just it’s good points, but it’s bad aswell. The cons of this gun (as few as they are) are quite strong:

  1. The darts occasionally jam while Slam Firing
  2. I have had to fix the cylinder a few times as it comes loose after a fair bit of use
  3. Finely the release button can stick or get stiff every now and again

However the good points greatly superseded the cons:

  1. Multiple way to fire
  2. Fast to reload
  3. Compact and easy to handle
  4. Decent range
  5. Decent power behind the dart
  6. Can be used as a primary or secondary.

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