Don’t Breathe!

Would you break into the home of a blind man, then proceed to steal from him? How about getting a couple of friends to do it with you? Would you take a gun with you while you do the above? Oh yeah, to top it all, the blind guy is a veteran who lost his sight in battle.

All this was done by three friends in Don’t Breathe, the three scumbags are called Rocky, Alex and the best of all, Money. Annoyingly we never get a name for the blind man so let’s keep calling him the blind man.

Main 3

Rocky, Alex and Money go around robbing houses that are protected by Alex’s dads security company, (obviously he has access to the keys and info he needs to get into the houses). Money finds out about this guy that had a six figure payout after his daughter got run over and they want it so they can leave their hellish lives behind. Money has more information that he isn’t sharing with the other two.

Money and Blind man

When they first break into the blind man’s house they think this is going to be the easiest job they have ever done. Christ are they wrong. They start by gassing the blind man so he can’t wake up and discover them during the robbery. That doesn’t exactly go to plan and he wakes up when Money shoots a lock where he expects to find the motherload to get him a new lifestyle. The ex vet blind guy comes out and kicks Money’s arse to the extent he makes him shoot himself in the head.


Blah blah blah I’ll skip a load of spoilers again as it hasn’t been out that long. After Money dies Rocky and Alex find the payout, at $1,000,000 they think all they need to do is leave. If only it was that easy. While fighting back the old man tracks them to the basement, where he is keeping another secret that he doesn’t want to get out, (there is a joke there if you have seen the film). What is the best thing a blind person can do while defending their house from intruders? turn all the lights off, he does this by destroying the fusebox so they can’t get them back on.

Jump a load more and we get to a hugely NSFW ending that I will sum up in three words, you can try figure the rest out on your own. Harness & turkey baster


This is a great film and I really recommend that you check it out ASAP!

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