Xiaolin Showdown! S01E01

The other day I found Xiaolin Showdown online and I decided to start watching it again.


This won’t be the longest review I’ve ever posted as it’s going to be solely on series 1 episode 1. I tend to post a review per episode I watch and they are around the 20 minute mark so… Lets jump in


We start (after the kick-ass opening) with the scroll telling us about the battle between the Xiaolin Dragon (Grandmaster Dashi) and Wuya an evil 1500-year-old Heylin witch. Being the badass he is Grandmaster Dashi beat Wuya using his Shen Gong Wu to equal the odds against Wuya’s magic. After trapping Wuya in a puzzle box Grandmaster Dashi scattered his Shen Gong Wu around the world to balance good and evil. There are now Xiaolin Dragons waiting to face evil if the balance ever shifted.

We begin the first episode with Omi (The Xiaolin Dragon of Water) practicing in the ministry courtyard. After his elaborate series of flips we meet The Xiaolin Warrior’s Master, trainer, and guide, Master Fung and the shapeshifting chinese dragon, Dojo Kanojo Cho. Dojo Kanojo Cho (commonly called Dojo) tends to be chilling around the grounds as he is normally around 1 foot long. When he is needed he can grow into a fully sized dragon at 40 foot long, who the Xiaolin Warriors tend to ride around the world.

Xiaolin Dragons

3 Minutes in now and we get to meet the “new students” that are joining the Dojo to become the other Dragons to help the world: The Xiaolin Dragon of Fire, Kimiko Tohomiko is the only female member of the team. Kimiko is just like me in the fact she is Tech obsessed and if there is a gadget for something she has it (or desperately wants it); The Xiaolin Dragon of Wind, Raimundo is stubborn and self-centered, but also does anything to protect his friends. He comes across as the wannabe bad boy type from Brazil, we’ll see what he’s like later last but not least, The Xiaolin Dragon of Earth, Clay is the team muscle and a homegrown Texas cowboy. Clay is the classic gentleman in the fact he doesn’t want to correct somebody but he does to aid them in bettering themself, he is one of the kindest characters in the show so far second only to Master Fung.

4tOmgia - Imgur
First Gif I ever made 🙂

The bad guy is some kid called Jack Spicer (who surprisingly wants to control the world) has his very own army of flying robots (something Nasa can’t even do yet). He gets set a gift from his father whom is in Hong Kong. It’s the very same puzzle box the Wuya is trapped inside, Jack opens the box unknowingly freeing an evil witch. As she has been trapped in the box for over a thousand years Wuya has naturally died and is now a ghost. Both being evil Jack and Wuya decide to team up. Task one, find all the Shen Gong Wu so Wuya can be returned to her former glory.

When Wuya got out of the box all the Shen Gong Wu started to identify themselves so theMantis Flip Coin Xiaolin Dragons can find them to defeat Wuya starting with the, Mantis Flip Coin. Both Dojo and Wuya can sense the location of any Shen Gong Wu that identify themself so the race is on. On the way to find the coin we realise just how little Omi knows outside the Grounds of the monastery. When they land in San Francisco The Xiaolin Warriors realise the Jack Spicer and Wuya got there first and they have to get through his attack bots before they can get to him.

Jack gets away with the first Shen Gong Wu but it isn’t long before the Two-Ton Tunic’s signal is picked up and the team race over to get it. Once again. Jack beats them to it, this time the team manage to get the tunic off Jack by a mishap caused by Clay. A third Shen Gong Wu is soon the team’s attention. The Eye of Dashi is reached by both Omi and Jack at the same time. It’s time for a XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN! A Xiaolin Showdown is where 2 or more peopl reach a Shen Gong Wu at the same time and they decide to gamble one that they already have doing some ridiculously awkward task that they are meant to use the Shen Gong Wu that they have gambled to help them win. Being a so called Evil Genious Jack decides to cheat and tells his Bots to take out Omi or at least stall him so Jack can storm ahead and win all 3 Shen Gong Wu. You can probably guess how that battle ends. The good guys win 😉

That’s all for episode one, episode two will come next week if this gets a good response.Otherwise I’ll write about something else. Lemme know if you want more.

Thanks for reading.

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