John Wick!


You know your life is good when a little boy from The Incredibles can perfectly sum up your new love for a film.

John Wick came out in 2014 but I only realised that it existed a few days ago and I’m now adding it to my list of all time favorite films. Directors Chad Stahelski and David Leitch did an amazing job not only in directing the entire film but in casting Keanu Reeves. I don’t think anyone would be able to pull off this intense role as well as Neo himself. Supported by the EPIC Willem Dafoe and Alfie Allen whom most of you will know him as  Theon Grejoy from Game of Thrones.

BeagleOne of the first things we find out about John Wick is that he has recently lost his wife to a terminal illness. While she was on her deathbed she ordered a teeny Beagle puppy called Daisy to help John cope with her death, (I don’t think it quite works that way myself but she tried). John doesn’t seem to like the dog at first, he (metaphorically) kicked her off the bed and made her sleep on a folded blanket on the floor, she ate corn flakes out of a people bowl and she walked around without a lead. The food, bowl and lead all changed the next day when he went out and bought her loads of dog things.

MustangOn this shopping extravaganza John meets Iosef Tarasov at the petrol station where he tries to buy John’s car. After he gets told it’s not for sale Iosef replies with “Все имеет свою цену, сука”. I’ll leave that to you to translate yourself if you really want to know what it means. Word of warning, don’t search “сука” if you’re under 18 I guess? I dunno, just tryna seem like I care. Do what you want 😉 What John doesn’t know is that Iosef’s dad is the bad daddy from the Russian Mafia. What Iosef doesn’t know is that John use to work for his father and goes by the name “Бугимен (The Boogeyman)”. One more thing Iosef didn’t know is that John Wick is most lethal, the most talented, the most tacticle of all assassins. (Although he has retired).

John wakes up to Daisy barking one night so thinking she wants to go out he follows her downstairs, where he gets jumped and beaten up with a baseball bat and a couple kicks to the face. Just before knocking him out Iosef kills Daisy and sends one of his goons to go find the keys to the Mustang. When John comes to he just sits there and holds Daisy.  He does nothing.  He just holds her. But do you blame him? The dog his deceased wife got for him on her deathbed, has just been killed in front of him.

A COCKAPOO JUST CAME. This review is going to take a long time now. I’m going to be distracted by a dog for a while 

Okay. I’m back. Too you the gap was nonexistent but to me I was gone for upwards of 4 hours, I went to play with the dog, I went for a meal with my family for Mothers day and, then I played with the dog again XD. He’s going to be staying with us for a few days.

After going back to bed the getting back up again. John cleans up the blood from Daisy and goes out to the garage to check on his car. Surprise Surprise it’s gone. Iosef takes his newly stolen car to a chop shop so he can get some fake papers written up so it can pass as his car if any  cops where to pull him over. Fortunately the owner of the shop knows the car and knows that it belongs to John so he tells Iosef to (let’s reword it) go away as he won’t work on it. After getting Iosef to leave the mechanic calls John telling him to come round so he can explain what has happened blah blah blah.

Screw telling you what happens next. I’ll show you.

Just to add to the tease of the review it shall stop there. If you wanna know more check it out. It’s definitely worth watching. Thanks for reading.

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