Vincent is a short animation made back in 1982 by one of my favorate directors/writers.

Tim Burton.

Vincent PriceVincent Malloy is just a standard little boy, no different to when we were kids. Vincent spends the majority of his time daydreaming about being exactly like Vincent Price. (You probably know who he is, but for those who don’t, Vincent Price was really well-known mainly for his distinctively unique voice and performing in a lot of horror films.)

Vincent Price is the voice over for all of the characters, I feel this really impacts on the film in that you don’t get legitimate conversations from the characters. You get Vincent Price stating what was said, what is happening and what people are thinking. I love this.

Vincent Malloy is living live, imagining how he thinks Vincent Price lives and picturing Abercrombie Zombiehis life/house that way. He lives with his mother, sister, dog and some cats, (We only see these for a few seconds in this 5 minute film,) however in his macabre daydreams he just lives with spiders and bats. When it comes to his Auntie he wants to dip her in wax for his wax museum, he wants to turn his dog into this huge Zombie creature which he can walk in the London fog.

It’s hard to write about such a short film without ruining it. I don’t want to give too much away as I love this film and you should all watch it asap. Buy it. Borrow it. Steal it. Download it. Do anything to watch it.

Thanks for reading guys and gals.

Don’t steal it, I didn’t mean it.

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