The Conjuring 2!

Have you seen the first Conjuring? Yes? The you don’t need to see the second. It is pretty much the same as the first, predictable jump scare after predictable jump scare.

Nun in mirrow

The Conjuring 2 starts out the same way all possession films start out, talking about the past and how it can’t happen again. This time the teeny tiny twist is that Lorraine and Ed Warren state, that they don’t want to help anybody ever again. Wait. They said that in the first film also.

Maybe a little context will help you realise that this film is NOT worth watching. We have a family of 5. A Mother and four children, (jumping on the bandwagon of slating males as the scum that don’t care about anything or anyone,) alone trying to survive to next to no money.

Scary old manThis time the family (the Hodgsons) are haunted by this creepy old man who possess Janet (the youngest girl) and scares the sh!t out of her family by making her levitate and talking with his voice through her body. The old man – Bill Wilkins – died 40 years ago and is being used by other spirits to try to drive the family to dispar before they take over and tear the family apart. Ya know, common ghost stuff.

I’m struggling to find things to write about as this is one of the worst films I have seen in a while, the only one worse that comes to mind is Spring breakers.

Lorraine and Ed say that they are only going to find out if this is legit or if they are faking tumblr_o4t764dR4G1rp0vkjo1_500it and report back to the church. After seeing a recording of the little girl who is experiencing these weird happenings faking an occurrence they decide it’s time to leave and let the church know not to send any help to the family. Surprise Surprise on the way hom they suddenly figure out that it isn’t fake and that the girl was doing it to save her family blah blah blah.

They go back to fight the demons and face the same old risks they always do, what do you know, they survive and kill the demon right before Ed dies. I genuinely hope you haven’t had the misfortune to see this film.


Thanks for reading and maybe give this one a miss.

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