Big Fish!

Big fish is another hit by Tim Burton. (let’s face it, he could direct an awful film and I’d still call it amazing. I’m kinda biased here). I don’t know if being able to sum a film up into one sentence means it’s a really good film or a really bad one, there is no in between here.

That one sentence is as follows (from IMDB): A frustrated son tries to determine the fact from fiction in his dying father’s life.

Big FshWill Bloom’s entire life has been filled with the exact same story being told at every important event. His first scout camping trip, his graduation day (to his date) and his wedding. That isn’t the only story that Will has being told throughout his life, pretty much everything his dad has said to him since he was born sounds like a tall tale.

Let’s start with the main story. The Big Fish story. There was this famous fish that people have being trying to catch for years. Will’s dad, Ed Bloom, has also spent many years trying to catch this specific fish, the day Will was born was of no exception. Apparently. This is the story that Will has heard a thousand and one times in his life and he’ll probably hear it some more. The long and short of this story is that many people have spent loads on expensive bait and really good rods but nobody could catch it. The only person to catch the fish was Ed Bloom and he used his wedding ring (pure gold) and he caught the fish almost instantaneously. After grappling with it for a while the fish escaped and swam away with the ring.

There are so many stories in this film so I’ll sum them all up in just a few lines from here on out. Okay? sweet! Army story. He parachuted into a Korean army base and convinced some conjoined twins to help him execute his elaborate plan to escape. The Giant. The village that Ed grew up in was being attacked by a giant and it was eating all the cattle and all the crops so in the end the village had to try get rid of him, Ed said he would go, they ended up being friends and traveling together. Meeting his future wife. Wash the fat manEd worked for a circus after just seeing a girl for a few seconds because the Ring Leader would tell him one thing about the girl every month. At first the Ring Leader was taking the p!ss out of Ed by doing this but after a series of events he ended up telling him everything.

Wanna know how it ends? Watch it then.

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